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Alexa Rank And The Benefits

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discuss about google page rank, this time I want to review a little about the Alexa rank. Because of google page rank, Alexa rank is a key factor for the money on the internet. So if you are serious for the money in the Alexa rank you must know. Nah, I will share the following few tips about the definition Alexa rank. Hopefully useful.

What is Alexa rank?
According to my Alexa rank is a tool created by Alexa.com to analyze how much traffic or page views from a website based on the number of visitors who install alexa toolbar on their browser. After that, the data-the data will be collected and then ranked based on trafiknya. The greater trafiknya the lower rangkingnya.

Then how to know our website Alexa ranking?
There are 2 ways you can use to determine the ranking of your web alexa rank, namely:

I. Install alexa widget on your blog that looks like this :

alexa widget

alexa widget installation:

1. Open and click http://alexa.com For Site Owners

alexa widget1

Then click Site Widgets is located on the left

3. Enter your website address on the widget you want to attach. For example: hermanblogtips.blogspot.com then click Build Widgets

4. Copy the code widget you want to attach ago pastekan to your blog. Done

II. Install alexa toolbar in your browser that looks like this.

alexa toolbar

How the installation:

1. On the page alexa.com. Click the Toolbar

install alexa toolbar

2. If you use Firefox browser. So the page that appears is like this :

alexa toolbar for firefox

3. alexa toolbar for firefox3. Get Sparky click and follow the instructions to install the alexa toolbar

4. If you use Internet Explorer browser then the page that appears is like this

alexa toolbar for internet explorer

5. Now click Install to install the alexa toolbar in your browser.

6. If you have to restart your browser then see the results.

What are the benefits for alexa rank blog?
If your blog is used to find the money in the alexa rank is very important for you. Because many programs of dollars on the internet that requires alexa rank to be able to join. So the less you blog alexa ranking the more programs you can follow which means that the larger the opportunity to make money on the internet. In addition, alexa rank can also be used to determine the popular or not a blog. The blog has a alexa rank usually small where more popular and preferred by the advertiser compared to blogs that have a bigger rang in Alexa.

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