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The Seo Tips

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? SEO is a way to do that by the Web master or master to optimize your Blog site or blog so that they get a good ranking on search engines or search engine. And I would like to discuss is the optimization tips in the Google search engine, because at this time to google search engine is most popular in the world.

following are some tips that we have the blog ranking well in search engines:

# Original Content / content orsinil.
The first thing that should be remember that the blog you get a good ranking on search engines is the content of your blog is the fruit of any posts orsinil your own or with other words not a copy and paste the results from the works of others. In addition to as search engine optimization, copy and paste actions often invite problems from the original owner of the paper, and especially that you copy and paste is protected by law or the copyright in other words, you can really be a serious problem.

# Install Meta tags in the header template code.

# Put the keyword in accordance with the content of your blog.
Install in meta keywords, we recommend you use keywords that are related to the content of your blog. Suppose you have a blog about health topics, the keywords that you must gunakanpun keyword health information.

In addition to be related to the content of your blog, the keyword in the keyword pasangpun to be in the search by many people (internet users), the ranking of useless blog you get the first position in search engines with specific keywords, but keyword searching is rarely or never even in the search by many people. For example you install keyword borokokok on your meta keyword, and when you type in the search engine borokokok your blog position in the top position number one alias, but need to remember that if the keyword borokokok will be deleted by the people or not? If some keywords will not be in the search by people, then should not install keyword and please search the other keywords that were in the search by many people.

Keyword for this problem, andapun can find free tools that can give you keyword-keyword sugesti what many of search by the people. Please look at yourself in the search engine above.

# Elections blog template well.
With the purpose of selecting a template of good here, among others, the template we used the first time in the loading is not part of the post let alone the sidebar footer. If you are charming, when you open this blog belong to me that opens the first part is a header then the post, and the last is the sidebar and footer section. If you are experiencing the same things that I write before, then it also occurs in the spider search engine, when search engine crawler menyambangi your blog, in which the crawler alurnya as I write earlier. Well if your blog is that access in the sidebar first then you can be sure the blog will lose your position with a blog posting on its access to the first.

For this of course depends on the template designer to place the code in the post in place in the top position in the sidebar or at the bottom of the sidebar.

# You should never choose a template sidebarnya is located on the left and right.
We suggest that the loading is not the first posting to the sidebar. If you use a template to 3 column sidebar that is located on the left and right, then you can be sure that in the first loading is in the sidebar on the left side first and then the post. Unlike the case with the 3 column template that is in the second sidebarnya the left or both on the right, because although both are in the sidebar to the left, the code can still post in place on the sidebar code with the code set the float on the template. Still confused? Perhaps the opportunity will be in the study in detail.

# Do not change too often templates
For those of you who like mutually face with a new blog, I encourage you to stop these practices.

# Do not stuff too sidebar to the left of the data.
If you're too in love with the 3 column template that it is in the sidebar to the left and right, so too should not fill the left sidebar with the weight data. Categorize the data on weight, for example a banner or a picture, animation, javascript, and others. If you store data that is too heavy on the left sidebar, then at the time of crawling by the search engine will be very difficult to reach the content of your post, so you will be in position by kalahkan blog postingannya first in crawling. So it is in the store on the left is the only writings that regular light to the access / loading.

# Do not remove the code in the template heading.
For your pleasure mengotak especial template code, should not the code in the template you are heading. Code heading in the intention is that you may often see the code h1, H2, h3, H4 code in your template, there should not up to code in or not removed for the first time as viewed by the search engine is the data that exist in the code h1 H2, h3, and the next. h1, in general, is for the blog title, the title of the blog do not make up home-asalah as the blog title is the front face of the first time viewed by search engines. For example, my blog title will be more weight when using the title of a blog tutorial, blogspot tutorial, or, in the fields or in the tutorial with the appeal because the title blogku dewe keyword (keywords) that I drill to the search engine is the blog tutorial.

# Hurup Use bold, italics, or underlining.
Hurup Use bold, italics, or underlining in the keyword-keyword in the sense that the post is very important for good search engine optimization. Suppose we are posting about free template, then the writings on the free print template we are bold, italic, or underline. But nonetheless do not reinforce the same words that too many in one post because it can be spam by the search engine in this case is google, so is a reasonable course.

# Always use the tags "alt" in the code image.
Search engines generally do not understand the meaning of an image, therefore the code will need to add "alt" on your image code. Tags "alt" is a continuation of the "alternative", so engine pencarie akan more you recognize the meaning of the image when using the tags "alt." For the tags "alt" in a picture.

# Do not create hidden text or hidden links.
Is the hidden text or hidden links is to create a profile or ebuah text link color same as the backgroundnya so not seen by visitors to the blog. So for this one should not do in, because google will make you angry because of the blog in the visitor's eyes to deceive.

# Keep your blog on the link to many blogs or websites.
The more blogs or sites to link to your blog, then the better the assessment of the blog search engine, and a better blog if you have a link by which a high page rank.

# Create a post between tertaut (linking) with the other posting.
One business that can be done by your own is between a posting that one associated with the posting of others, eg I often write a word that contains a link such as the please read here, please read this post, and others so that the posting of with each other so each link nge.

# Try do not have a link that is broken (broken link).
The purpose with a link that is broken is that you create a link, but when click on the link in the page that does not exist or is not found. If you have a link like this, then this link should be in a fix or just a change in the text not a link.

# Always update (update) your blog with a new posting.
Search engines like to blog or website that its content is always fresh, or fresh, so if you are diligent to post a blog article then you will visit more frequently by the search engine. And also keep in mind that the more any posts on your blog of course the more the keyword or keywords that represent your blog. So, let us compete to fill our blog with a new posting.

Or questions may appear, how many websites that do not have updated their content but still have a good ranking in search engines. For this one, of course, other kejadiannya, because the website-website uses many tools or expensive software is worth that they will make the site always looks fresh or fresh in the search engine.

# Blogger blog users, use the comment box of the original bloggers.
Many users of the blog blogger feel disappointed with the comments made by the parties themselves with the blogger ribet reasons and in the form of pop-up box so that the 3rd-party comment such haloscan and others. Maybe see if in the form d ari comments made by the blogger is a little disappointing, but for the SEO do not joke about it, why is that? Because if there is a visitor on your post, then comment on it by a search engine as part of your post. So basically the more the comments, the more the savings we have a keyword in the post, and so on soklah comment on this post .. heuheuheu. and one advantage is that each entry have a comment, comments can be directly in between the email addresses to us, so we can know the comment was a posting on the entry.

How do I use a box with other such haloscan comment. When you use the comment box of haloscan, to view problems in a so-so but it is superior in view of SEO in terms of feeling less well because every comment that does not go akan indexed by search engines as part of your post, so too, when thousands beribu keyword donation from a visitor can not be owned by you. In addition, when there are comments, the haloscan not deliver comments to our email address, so that we will not know the latest development of the kimentar entry.

# Title the post must represent the entire post
This one is sometimes forgotten by the many bloggers, make the title a little post-derived origin, the title of the post is representative of the entire post. Why so, because the general title of the post set in the template code as heading 2 (H2) or heading 3 (h3), so before posting to see the contents, the search engine will first see the title of the post. So, make the post title should be with words that may semenarik and can represent the content of the post.

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