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Google Pagerank And The Benefits

google page rank

After successfully increasing google page rank on some of my blog. So I think I have one I share a few tips or how I use to improve the page rank blog to friends, especially for a new dive into the blogging world and the interest for the money on the internet. Well before I give tips2nya. Perhaps we have a good idea to know beforehand what is google page rank and manfaanya.

Based on the explanation from wikipedia, Page Rank is a tool that was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to define the site where the more popular and worthy to be displayed on the main page search engine google. Page rank is calculated from the 0-10. The higher the page ranknya. The more popular the site is on page search engine.

And what benefits for Blogger Page Rank?
Blogs that have high page rank will usually get the position posted on a better search engine than the blogs that have a low page rank. For example: A site that has a Page Rank 9 will be sorted first in the Google search pages compared with sites that have page rank 8, and so on. So that the likelihood the site is visited by users of the internet. Because of this, the advertiser or the advertiser is happy to promote products and services on the site berpage rank high compared with low-rank berpage site. In other words, the higher the page rank your blog easier for you to make money on the internet.

Then how Google determines page rank a website?
There are many ways to use the Google search engine ranking in determining a web. As the use of Meta Tags, the emphasis on the content or content that is unique, inbound links, and other techniques. Link popularity is a technique that was developed to improve the lack of technique on the Meta Tags (Meta Keywords, Meta Description), which can dicurangi with a special page designed for search engine called doorway pages.

Page rank have any concept that is almost the same as link popularity, but it does not only consider the "amount" of inbound and outbound links only. But also assess the quality of links that lead to the site. For example a site in the link by 1 site berPR 2 and B sites in the link by 2 sites berPR 1. So a site that gets results is a good site A. And so on.

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