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Change Blog Template

You first download the template that matches the theme of your blog, if not download here. Then the following steps to change the blogger template.

1. Log in and to the blogger dashboard, click the Layouts / Layout.

2. Click Edit HTML

3. Check columns Expand widget templates (red arrow). Then click Browse to take the results of a template that you download (blue arrow)

4. Select the template you want to use, click open.

5. After the image appears, click the upload / upload and wait for a few seconds.

6. Usually the replacement of a new template will erase some of the existing widgets, so before changing the template, the template back up and widgetnya long way: Download the template first time you click the "Download Full Template" and the second over your copy of each script HTML widget-widget from your blog to Microsoft Word. Ok followed the tutorial, after step 5 will generally appear under the image like this, they have requested approval to remove the widget. Click aja CONFIRMED AND SAVE.

7. And the result like this.

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